A joint Project of five youth organisations from the Western Balkans and Turkey whose objective is to ensure a greater involvement of young people in public life of this part of Europe. The project will be carried out in Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia and Turkey over the next four years. Implementing partners in the Project are: Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation(Serbia), Prima Association (Montenegro), Mladiinfo International (Macedonia), Partners Albania for Change and Development (Albania) and Community Volunteers Foundation (Turkey). The Project is supported by the European Commission, as part of its countinuous efforts towards relationship of public authorities with the youth.

Youth Banks Hub for Western Balkans and Turkey

The ways of ensuring a greater involvement of young people In important decision-making processes in the community is the key issue of regional project Youth Banks Hub for Western Balkans and Turkey which will be carried out in Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia and Turkey over the next four years.
What these five countries have in common, apart from being candidates for EU membership, is a low percentage of youth involvement in important decision-making processes in the community and the fact that the current public policies affecting youth are not directed at encouraging their involvement. The regional affiliation and the similar position of young people made it only logical to set up a network of youth organisations which will fight together to achieve a better position for youth in the public life of their respective countries.


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Serbia: Round Table Youth Participation in The Economy of Serbia

Belgrade, January 2017- Every fourth entrepreneur in Serbia is less than 30 years old . Although the youth unemployment rate is in decline, one-fifth of young people is looking for job for over a year. At today held round table “Youth participation in the economy of Serbia” the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation presented results of the research “YOUTH INDEX PARTICIPATION” realized within the project “YOUTH BANK HUB OF THE WESTERN BALKAN AND TURKY” which is realized in Serbia by financial support of European Commission. The main results of the research are the facts that every 4th entrepreneur and every 17th company owner ...

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Montenegro: First Youth Centre in Podgorica

Podgorica, February 2017. - The first Youth Centre in Podgorica was open on Nikola Kovacevic sqare in Block 5, and on this occasion was signed the Agreement on the implementation of the joint program "The Opening of the Youth Centre in Podgorica." The Centre was opened by the Minister of Sports Mr Nikola Janovic, Mayor of Podgorica Mr Slavoljub Stijepovic, and the head of the UNICEF Office in Montenegro Mr Benjamin Perks.  They expressed a belief that this place will continue to be the center of gathering of young people in which they would exchange different knowledge, interests and skills and ...

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Montenegro: The Majority of Surveyed Facebook Users Considers That Studies Should Be Free of Charge

More than 150 users of Facebook believe that primary and master studies in Montenegro should be free of charge, according to a survey conducted by NGO Prima NGO in this social network.   Minister of Education, Damir Sehovic, earlier announced that it would allow to primary and master studies to be free of charge. On the question: “Do you think that the basics and master studies should be free?” 89 percent said yes, while 11 percent think it should not be, according to the Facebook page of Prima. Executive Director of the NGO Prima, Aida Perovic Ivanovic reminded that one of the basic principles ...

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Belgrade, September 2016 - If we take a look at the Serbian Government, there are no ministers, deputy ministers or state secretaries that fall into the category of young adults, i.e. 30 years old or younger, with two of them having occupied these positions in the last 15 years altogether. Out of 169 municipalities in Serbia, only four have a president younger than 30. This data is taken from the research called "Young Adults Participation Index" carried out as part of a project called "Youth Bank Hub Western Balkans and Turkey", which is performed in Serbia by Ana and Vlade ...

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Montenegro: Round table with youth

Podgorica, September 2016. - NGO Prima organized a round table with young people as part of a regional project "Youth Bank Hub for Western Balkans and Turkey (YBH4WBT)" supported by the European Union through the IPA CSF. The project is managed by the Foundation Ana and Vlade Divac and NGOs Prima is partner and implementer in Montenegro. The participants of the round table held on 29 September 2016, in addition to Panelists, were young people - a total of thirty-one, which are also the main target of the project. In the introductory part their presentations had Aida Perovic Ivanovic, director of NGO ...

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Montenegro: New Youth Strategy for 2017-2021

Podgorica, September 2016. -After long process of having gap in official governmental national policy related youth, new National Youth Strategy was adopted on 29th September 2016 replacing the 2006-2011 version. Youth Strategy document together with the adoption of the Law on Youth earlier this year provide strategic and legal framework for building of national and local youth policy implementation capacities and assuring mechanism for support for youth organisations and civil society organisations working with youth. NGO Prima was contributing to the process of youth policy development trough participation in meetings organized during drafting of the Strategy but also trough sending comments ...

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Turkey: Bayer Young Science Ambassadors

Istanbul, September, 2016. - Young Science Ambassadors is a social responsibility project has been coordinated by partnership of Community Volunteers Foundation and Bayer Türk since 2011. This project aims to foster scientific literacy among young people and children. Through this project, firstly among young people and then with the facilitation of young people among children it is aimed to make people love science, to show that science can be a part of our daily lives, science can be learned without laboratories and to raise awareness about the fact that science is based on questioning and curiosity. Bayer Young Science Ambassadors has ...

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Albania: NPO Academy 2016 starts its journey

Tirana, March 2016. -  On March 24, the NPO Academy 2016 began its journey. This successful program that started in 2015 with a group of 17 young NPO representatives from across the country has already opened its doors to 25 young leaders of Albanian NGOs, to increase their capacities and professional development in this sector. Participants selected through a highly competitive application process, will follow a series of 10 lectures of the Academy program, peer-coaching sessions and will participate in a study visit in Slovakia where they will be introduced more closely to the work of Slovak organizations, their advocacy efforts ...

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Montenegro: Law on Youth adopted in the Parliament

Podgorica, Jun 2016. - Montenegrin Parliament on 28th of Jun 2016 adopted the Law on Youth. This Law regulate areas of Youth Policy, Youth Work and define stakeholders that participate in the development and implementation of youth policy in Montenegro. Young people are considered to be persons that are between 15 and 30 years old. The law sets out the principles on which it is based youth policy - equality, volunteerism, solidarity, partnership. It guarantee the equality of young people in exercising their rights, regardless of their nationality, race, sex, language, religion, ecclesiastical origin, property, membership in political, trade union and ...

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FYROM: The Story Behind Mladiinfo at the European Youth Event 2016!

Strasbourg, September 2016. - “Together we can make a chance” was the powerful slogan of this year’s European Youth Event 2016 (EYE 2016). Organized by the European Youth Forum and the European Parliament, on 20 and 21 May 2016 in Strasbourg, France, more than 7500 people gathered from each corner of Europe to celebrate once again the biggest youth event of the year. Having a unique opportunity to join fruitful discussions at the European Parliament, as Well as participate at the numerous workshops in the hubs of the Yo!Fest, 600 groups took active role in exchanging experiences with the other attendees, as well ...

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