Who we are

A network of 20 youth organizations from Western Balkan and Turkey whose objective is to ensure greater involvement of young people in Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey. Youth Bank Hub Western Balkan and Turkey (YBHWBT) was initialy founded in 2016 by five youth organizations: Partners Albania for Change and Development (Albania), Mladiinfo International (North Macedonia), Prima Asociation (Montenegro), Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation (Serbia) and Community Volunteers (Turkey).

What we do

We collect data on youth position, monitor and follow the involvement of youth in all countries. We support youth policy changes to achieve higher participation of young people in political, economic and social life in each country.





What is Youth Bank?

Youth banks are local organizations of young people who design and run their own projects by themselves but, also, support other youth local initiatives in fundraising, project managing and promotion of their projects. The particular value of the model is that it brings together local municipalities, business sector and young people.



International Youth Day - August 12

12 August was designated as International Youth Day by the UN General Assembly in 1999. It is an annual celebration of the role of young women and men as essential partners in promoting human rights and development. It is also an opportunity to raise awareness of the challenges and hardships facing the world’s youth. The theme of International Youth Day 2020, “Youth Engagement for Global Action” seeks to highlight the ways in which the engagement of young people at the local, national and global levels is enriching national and multilateral institutions and processes, as well as draw lessons on how their ...

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Youth empowerment through Online Learning in time of Covid-19 pandemics

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemics caused sudden closure of schools and universities, limiting the personal contacts and classroom learning. In times of hard restrictions as prevention measures, the need for online learning grew and is still growing immensely. As a proactive and youth-friendly platform, Mladiinfo in the period of March to June, organized a campaign for online learning, carefully selecting and proposing new ways of online education such as MOOCs, articles, podcast, etc. on how to “learn to learn online”, how to be more productive, how to get the best of the situation of the pandemic, how to protect ...

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Partners Albania for Change and Development in collaboration with RisiAlbania is working to advocate for Career Guidance Services as municipal service in Albania. The model is currently being piloted in the Municipality of Tirana. The initiative consists of a bottom-up youth movement, which will advocate for the importance of Career Guidance Services to youth and to decision-makers at the municipality level. The ultimate goal of establishing career guidance services in municipalities is to reach young people and enable them to adapt their decisions and actions in terms of educational, training, and occupational choices.

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The joint platform for cooperation and advocacy on improving the employability of young people from NEET categories in Serbia

Center for Youth Work, Belgrade Centre for Human Rights – BCHR, and Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation have launched a joint platform for cooperation and advocacy on improving the employability of young people from NEET categories. As a part of this initiative, one of the first joint activate will be the National Youth Conference “Position of the NEET youth in Serbia: challenges and perspectives”.The platform will be dedicated to discussion the challenges faced by young people from the NEET categories in Serbia and presenting examples of good practice. This is an opportunity to draw attention to the positive effects of ...

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Commission launches Youth Employment Support

The European Commission is taking action to give young people all possible opportunities to develop their full potential to shape the future of the EU, and thrive in the green and digital transitions. The coronavirus pandemic has emphasised the often difficult start many young people face in the labour market.The Youth Employment Support package is built around four strands that together provide a bridge to jobs for the next generation:The EU created the Youth Guarantee in 2013 and has since built bridges to the labour market for some 24 million young people. The Commission's proposal for a Council Recommendation on ...

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“Youth Movement” project

During July 2019, the winning project of the group of students of “28 November" high school that participated in “Youth Camp” in Shkodra developed the “Book Map” website. This website aims in the creation of a virtual map of books available in public and private libraries of the city of Shkodra, in order to facilitate the access for young people especially those in rural and urban areas in finding them.Link of the website: https://hartaelibrit.e-agence.site/ 

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Young people in Montenegro are still active during Covid19 pandemic

Group of young Montenegrins started online Campaign “Nisi moj_stereoTIP” with a goal to fight stereotypes. We spoke to them and asked them to tell us more about it.“We are aware and we are witnesses of the fact that prejudices slow down people's lives. They diminish empathy and create a wall among people. Why? For an instant sense of comfort or to raise your own ego? How many times have you felt pleasure in your skin for freeing yourself from prejudice? Satisfaction with the opportunity, looking at the situation from another angle. Imagine a world where people would feel the same ...

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Young people are helping fight the Coronavirus crisis in Serbia

The scholarship holders of the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, who volunteer for at least 4 hours every month have sent their personal stories and experiences about volunteering during the #Covid19 pandemic. Our young people of Serbia have shown courage by providing assistance in various ways, including aiding the elderly, giving their peers free online classes, volunteering at the Red Cross of Serbia, and some individuals sewed protective masks for their fellow Serbian citizens. These are just a few examples of the many ways, the scholarship holders of the foundation selflessly gave their time during the past 9 weeks. 

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Tvoj glas je bitan

Young people in Montenegro launched campaign #TvojGlasJeBitan – Your voice matters

The #TvojGlasJeBitan – Your voice matters campaign began as a reaction to the results of the 2018 elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina, launched on January 5, 2020, by young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although the turnout of young people that year was very close to the European average, young people felt that their country needed much more than the average. The campaign is focused on positive rhetoric, and modern ways of communication and marketing, with the aim of increasing turnout in the next elections, with a focus on young people. The turnout of young people was around 49%, while ...

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Montenegro: NEET in COVID19/ POSTCOVID19 situation

Neet rate in Montenegro was 21 %, according to our research from 2018. At this point, has anything changed? We survived to lock downtime of Corona pandemic, and now we are not running home at 11 pm, we are not afraid of virus chasing us, but also getting back to our daily schedules and normal life? Did this widespread danger had Its influence on the life of regular Youngsters?We are talking to Young people in Montenegro about COVID19 effect to their education, training and work.Elvis Berisha, executive director of Phiren Amenca, Roma Youth organization pointed out that:„At this moment nobody ...

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