Who we are

A network of 20 youth organizations from Western Balkan and Turkey whose objective is to ensure greater involvement of young people in Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey. Youth Bank Hub Western Balkan and Turkey (YBHWBT) was initialy founded in 2016 by five youth organizations: Partners Albania for Change and Development (Albania), Mladiinfo International (North Macedonia), Prima Asociation (Montenegro), Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation (Serbia) and Community Volunteers (Turkey).

What we do

We collect data on youth position, monitor and follow the involvement of youth in all countries. We support youth policy changes to achieve higher participation of young people in political, economic and social life in each country.





What is Youth Bank?

Youth banks are local organizations of young people who design and run their own projects by themselves but, also, support other youth local initiatives in fundraising, project managing and promotion of their projects. The particular value of the model is that it brings together local municipalities, business sector and young people.



Montenegro: NEET in COVID19/ POSTCOVID19 situation

Neet rate in Montenegro was 21 %, according to our research from 2018. At this point, has anything changed? We survived to lock downtime of Corona pandemic, and now we are not running home at 11 pm, we are not afraid of virus chasing us, but also getting back to our daily schedules and normal life? Did this widespread danger had Its influence on the life of regular Youngsters?We are talking to Young people in Montenegro about COVID19 effect to their education, training and work.Elvis Berisha, executive director of Phiren Amenca, Roma Youth organization pointed out that:„At this moment nobody ...

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North Macedonia: Online Open Discussion ” Resilience and Sustainability of the Youth Sector in Times of Pandemic”

On the invitation of OSCE Serbia, Mladiinfo International was among the speakers in the online open discussion dedicated to the” Resilience and Sustainability of the Youth Sector in Times of Pandemic”. Mladiinfo presented the situation of the youth sector in North Macedonia, mapping positive stories of action and emphasizing the need for a quick response of the institutions, and the national and international donors towards mitigating the consequences of COVID-19 sector on both, the youth organizations and young people as well. The discussion outcomes were in line with creating regional and approach and recommendations for the WB region, intending to ...

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‘3.2 Million People May Become Unemployed Due to the Covid-19 Outbreak in Turkey'

According to a report from the Istanbul Institute of Political Studies (Istanpol), the number of people unemployed in the worst-case scenario in Turkey could reach 3 million 200 thousand. Out of these 3.2 million people, 2 million are paid employees and 1 million 200 thousand are casual employees.Prof. Dr. Öner Günçavdı from İstanbul Technical University (ITU) and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Aylin Bayar and Prof. Dr. Haluk Levent from Bilgi University analyzed the best and worst-case scenarios for Turkey in this report. According to the report, the unemployment rate rises to 19.8 percent in the optimistic scenario and 25.9 percent ...

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Serbia: WB&T for EmploYouth

“WB&T for EmploYouth” Project is carried out by five youth organizations from these countries, specifically. Despite the COVID 19 pandemic, we continue with the positive energy and good spirit at the start of the second edition of our great partnership with the partners. We set the pillars of this project, discussing activities for the first year and next steps, as well as brand identity, promotion, and communication strategy.Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, together with partners NVO Prima, Community Volunteers Foundation, Partners Albania for Change and Development and Mladiinfo during the next four years, we will work on strengthening regional collaboration, participatory democracies and ...

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Youth Movement – A new page for local communities in Albania

Partners Albania is implementing “Youth Movement – A new page for local communities” project, which aims to create a movement of youth across Albania through educating youngsters with the sense of voluntarism, activism, and responsibility, as well as strengthen the relationship between youth and local communities for a stronger democracy.Through this action, four projects designed by groups of youngsters of four different high schools in Shkodra and Vlora are being implemented. More specifically:Information and entertainment only "One Radio" away from us - the winning project in Shkodra - developed by youngsters of "Oso Kuka" high school.This initiative aims to increase ...

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Research Study “Challenges and Needs of the Youth Civic Sector in North Macedonia in Times of COVID -19 Pandemic”

Considering the serious situation of Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on the youth civil society sector in North Macedonia, Mladiinfo International together with 7 partner organizations from the Brain-Drain Prevention Network, has conducted a research study on the “Challenges and Needs of the Youth Civic Sector in Times of COVID -19 Pandemic”.The results of the study identified the main needs of 40 youth organizations and produced generated recommendations that showed the key sectors and proposed methods of inclusion in the state’s support measures. The recommendations and suggestions were submitted to the most relevant institutions in the Republic of North Macedonia ...

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Young people from Serbia in action! Discover what Youth Fund has achieved in 2019.

Obrenovac Youth Foundation developed Youth Funds program in 2019 in cooperation with Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, Obrenovac municipality and Foundation Mozaik with the support of Balkan Trust. This program has a purpose to increase young people’s involvement in the process of local development through grant-giving for projects and ideas that young people establish and lead.The call of the Youth Fund was opened from July 15th until July 29th. Find out more HERE.Youth board chosen the project based on the established criteria, and then public voting was organized on the Lonac.pro website and informal groups were chosen to get grants ...

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Panel Discussion: How to come back home? Youth Republic of North Macedonia

What do the State and all of us should do to come back home? What kind of measures, commitments, and concrete steps are needed so the youth does not leave the country massively, to attract our young Diaspora so our country can become an attractive destination for other young people from different parts of the world as well? These questions were tackled on the final event of the YBHWBTproject “How to come back home? Youth Republic of North Macedonia”. The paneldiscussion organized in the Europe House in Skopje, gave chance for more than60 young people and stakeholders to ask these ...

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New Local Youth Strategy in Municipality of Tetovo

Mladiinfo International in cooperation with Association Multikultura from Tetovo, organized a public info session for the New Local Youth Strategy in Municipality of Tetovo 2020-2024 adopted in late October. The Strategy follows the latest trends and needs of the young people from Tetovo and the region and was created upon one-year consultations and analysis conducted by Multikultura under the YBHWBT project with the support of the Municipality of Tetovo, the local youth CSOs and the YBHWBT Network. The Strategy is the cornerstone for better youth participation and larger influence in the youth policies, and a guideline of the work of ...

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Youth Bank Hub Western Balkan and Turkey - Round Tables Meeting in Turkey

Within the scope of the activities of Youth Bank Hub Western Balkan and Turkey project, tree round table meetings with the theme of youth participation were held on 5-6 December with the participation of young volunteers. 90 young volunteers participated in the meeting.  The young volunteers spoke about youth policies, youth participation in Turkey.  Also, they discussed what might be to increase the economic, politic and social participation of youth in Turkey. In addition, the Youth Bank Hub project and its aims were presented to the participants.

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