Divac Youth Funds in Obrenovac and Prijepolje

During the June, Foundation Mozaik, Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, Obrenovac Youth Foundation and Nova Vizija from Prijepolje have started with program Divac Youth Funds in municipalities Obrenovac and Prijepolje, based on the Youth Banke methodology.

In both municipality, trough public call, Divac youth board has been established in order to promote the Funds among youngsters and to motivate them to identify the biggest problem in their communities and to apply for the funds. Depending on the quality of the applications, the young people, who are the member of the Divac youth board, will select the best projects to be funded.

The local youth initiatives, planned to be realized during August and September, will make better these municipalities and its surroundings and increase the youth participation in the process of making decisions.