Mladiinfo Joins the Global Social Entrepreneurship Network

Mladiinfo Joins the Global Social Entrepreneurship Network

As an initiative, Mladiinfo International always promoted and mediated communication between young people, youth NGOs, organizations and all those involved in the educational process in Europe and worldwide. Dedicated to youth, their problems and needs, from the very beginning Mladiinfo undertook numerous activities promoting and enhancing free education, youth information and media, youth involvement and empowerment, etc.

In the last few years, Mladiinfo has also supported the social entrepreneurship among young people in Macedonia and abroad. With the programs for social entrepreneurship, Mladiinfo International is striving to help young people, students, and young professionals to become future change makers, to develop their careers as social entrepreneurs and to build a better society for all.

In order to expand our reach within the social entrepreneurship field, Mladiinfo became a member of the Global Social Entrepreneurship Network (GSEN). GSEN gathers organizations that support social entrepreneurs around the world to improve the reach, quality and sustainability of their work. They bring their organizations together to share what works when it comes to supporting social entrepreneurs.

With it, the GSEN members provide higher quality support to social entrepreneurs – empowering even more of them to create lasting change in our world. As a result of these activities, since 2013, their work has led to successful funding bids, fruitful introductions, shared knowledge, and deeper collective understanding. Just to name a couple, in 2015, GSEN launched an investigation into global support for early-stage social entrepreneurs – the first initiative of its kind, and by the end of 2016, GSEN, in partnership with the German Development Agency GIZ, created a step-by-step handbook to help inclusive businesses achieve scale.

In less than a month, GSEN will also have their annual event for 2017. This time it happened from March 6-10, in Johannesburg, South Africa. Mladiinfo had a representative at this event, where together with leading organizations from South Africa, Africa and around the globe connected and engage with experts, social entrepreneur supporters, impact investors, foundations and social entrepreneurs.
With this new membership, Mladiinfo is not only looking towards new partnerships, exchange of experience and practices but also believes it will be of great support to assist in the evolvement of the ecosystem, resulting in an even greater impact.


By: Dimitar Chatleski