Montenegro: Law on Youth adopted in the Parliament

Law on Youth, Prima ME

Podgorica, Jun 2016. – Montenegrin Parliament on 28th of Jun 2016 adopted the Law on Youth. This Law regulate areas of Youth Policy, Youth Work and define stakeholders that participate in the development and implementation of youth policy in Montenegro.

Young people are considered to be persons that are between 15 and 30 years old. The law sets out the principles on which it is based youth policy – equality, volunteerism, solidarity, partnership. It guarantee the equality of young people in exercising their rights, regardless of their nationality, race, sex, language, religion, ecclesiastical origin, property, membership in political, trade union and other organizations, disability, health status, physical appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity and other personal characteristics.

It regulates models and manners of financing youth activities and initiatives on both local and national level.

For the realization of youth policy is planned to adopt a national and municipal youth strategy defining priority actions at those levels.