Montenegro: New Youth Strategy for 2017-2021

New Youth Strategy

Podgorica, September 2016. -After long process of having gap in official governmental national policy related youth, new National Youth Strategy was adopted on 29th September 2016 replacing the 2006-2011 version. Youth Strategy document together with the adoption of the Law on Youth earlier this year provide strategic and legal framework for building of national and local youth policy implementation capacities and assuring mechanism for support for youth organisations and civil society organisations working with youth.

NGO Prima was contributing to the process of youth policy development trough participation in meetings organized during drafting of the Strategy but also trough sending comments and suggestions of Prima members to NGO member in working group developing the Strategy – Ana Skoflek from ADP Zid.  This was one of good examples how representative delegated from civil society cooperate with “the base” and integrate their opinions and suggestions during drafting of the policy document.

Although during the negotiation process with EU, closure of the Chapter 26 – Education and culture, that included youth policy was a sign that national achievements and plans are aligned with the EU Acquis in this field, it is to be noticed that youth policy field in Montenegro is not enough supported by the government on national and local level, and needs strong sustainable commitment of all relevant stakeholders.