Panel Discussion: How to come back home? Youth Republic of North Macedonia

What do the State and all of us should do to come back home? What kind of measures, commitments, and concrete steps are needed so the youth does not leave the country massively, to attract our young Diaspora so our country can become an attractive destination for other young people from different parts of the world as well?

These questions were tackled on the final event of the YBHWBT project “How to come back home? Youth Republic of North Macedonia”. The panel discussion organized in the Europe House in Skopje, gave chance for more than 60 young people and stakeholders to ask these questions directly to the President of the Republic of North Macedonia Mr. Stevo Pendarovski, the EU Ambassador in Republic of North Macedonia Mr. Samuel Zbogar and other representatives from the local authorities and the civil society sector.

The panel discussion gave the needed impetus for the new national strategy for prevention of “brain-drain” and opportunities and quality cooperation with the youth Diaspora, as part of the measures for improvement of the youth participation and quality of life in North Macedonia.

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