Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation

Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation

The Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation is an independent and nonprofit association with the aim of helping citizens, particularly, refugees and internally displaced persons, to practically address their living and existential problems, with special emphasis on addressing their housing problems. The aim of the youth projects of the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation since 2013. the participation of young people in the development of their local communities, government and local politics and decision making. 

Prima Association

Prima Association (Montenegro)

Prima Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the democratization of society, especially in the fields of youth politics, women rights, minority rights, formal and non-formal education etc.

Mladiinfo International

Mladiinfo International (Macedonia)

Mladiinfo International has a direct impact on the lives of youth, empowering them and motivating them for action. This association promotes active citizenship and critical thinking, where young people are working actively in the fields of youth information, youth empowerment, and social entrepreneurship.

Centre of Change and Conflict Management

Partners Albania for Change and Development

Partners Albania, Center for Change and Conflict Management is an Albanian organization, established in 2001, with a mission to build a culture of change and conflict management in the country. Partners-Albania (PA) is a member of Partners for Democratic Change (Partners) network comprised of 18 independent centers, which provide conflict resolution training and services to various actors of third sector, local and central government and business sectors in Central/Southeastern Europe, Latin America and Middle East. Partner’s Network since January 2006 is formally registered as well in Brussels.

Community Volunteers

Community Volunteers Foundation TOG (Turkey)

Community Volunteers Foundation is founded by young people who are dedicated to creating groups and communities in their universities and carry out social responsibility projects to respond to the needs that they identify.

Educational Center Kruševac

Educational Center Kruševac

Educational Center Kruševac is nonprofit and nongovernment association of citizens with the aim of developed civil society that respects and protects rights of every citizen. Mission of Educational Center Kruševac is promotion and development civil society through lifetime non-formal education and support to active civic engagement.

Obrenovac Youth Foundation

Obrenovac Youth Foundation

Obrenovac Youth Foundation (OYF) is a community foundation, risen as an urgent grassroots movement in an aftermath of May 2014 floods in Serbia. OYF is dedicated to providing opportunities to active citizens to organize, learn and network, so their future initiatives make our community grow.

 Association “New Vision“


Association “New Vision“ (Serbia)

Association New Vision is an organization established by experts in different fields, who are dedicated to civic and non-formal education, and support to youth minority groups. The aim of the association is  improving the position of young people regardless of their nation, religion, social status or gender.

Phiren Amenca 


Phiren Amenca  – Roma Youth Organization (RYO) „Walk with us – Phiren amenca”

Phiren Amenca is actively committed to the development and active participation of young Roma, Egyptian men and women in life of Montenegrin society, strengthening institutional capacities for the inclusion of Roma and Egyptian population, and reducing negative attitudes and discrimination against Roma and Egyptians in Montenegro.

Creative Civic Center

Creative Civic Center (Montenegro)

Creative Civic Center is an association that works with youth and youth policies on local and national level. NGO Creative Civic Center empower youth activism and involvement of youth in the decision making processes.

Youth Act Center

Youth Act Center (Albania)

Youth Act Center aims to empower youth to take an active role in their lives, family, society, education, economy, environment and political development. The mission of the association is to support the five I’s in all the below mentioned sectors: Youth Initiative, Integration, Involvement, Inspiration, Interconnection.

Association Multikultura

Association Multikultura

Multikultura is a leading civil rights organization promoting youth activism and participation in decision making and development of cultural and inter-ethnic tolerance and cooperation. Multikultura aims to a country and region where its young population builds a bright future, through working for an inclusive society.

Center for Youth Activism Krik

Center for Youth Activism Krik

Centre for youth activism KRIK is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established by young people. KRIK strives to encourage greater youth participation, youth activism, encourage young people to be more included in the policy making process on local and national level.

Association of citizens Youth Can

Association of citizens Youth Can (Macedonia)

Youth Can is a non-governmental, non-profit and independent civil association which aims to empower young people to take active participation in the development of a democratic society trough active citizenship and social activism.

Mediterranean Roma Associations Federation

Mediterranean Roma Associations Federation- Akdeniz Roman Dernekleri Federasyonu

Mediterranean Roma Associations Federation is an organization dedicated to development of the Roma at the fields of education, employment, housing and culture. AKROMFED is the strongest advocate for Roma rights, who provides adequate participation of Roma in all democratic processes in Turkey.

Association of Renaissance Institute

Association of Renaissance Institute

Renaissance Institute is an NGO which consists of individuals seeking to provide social added value for the sake of sustainable development through educational and innovative projects. Their mission is to create social added value in order to provide high quality and inclusive youth services in educational, social and cultural areas and mobilize the potential of young people.

Hayat Sende Gençlik Akademisi Derneği (Turkey)

Hayat Sende Gençlik Akademisi Derneği (Turkey)

Hayat Sende association is founded by a group of idealist care leavers and because of that, the organization’s target group are children and youngsters under legal protection. The aim of the organization is to increase human resources quality of children and youngsters under legal protection.