Policy research development training program for sub grantees

Collecting real evidence, analyzing and answering specific issues and questions, to widen the understanding of the issue and add further knowledge, is a periodic process for each organization in order to be able to achieve its social goals and mission in overall and specifically in building strong and real advocacy campaign or implement project interventions.

For this purpose, Albanian newest members of YBH4WBT network, on October 2018, received a detailed training program on policy research development. The training focused on how to proper select a research approach based on the targeted topic, the research and study methodology, research sampling, article/research policy structure, use of strong research reference etc.

The participants and PA experts discussed their organizations previous research experience, and problems faced during the process, in order to improve future researches.

Link: http://partnersalbania.org/News/training-in-policy-research-for-the-newest-members-of-ybh4wbt-network/