PRIMA’s participation in a set of workshops for young representatives of the civil sector and political parties

The Westminster Foundation in Montenegro organized another workshop for young representatives of the civil sector and political parties through the program “Democratic Initiatives in the Western Balkans” in Bar on May 26 – 28. 2019.

This time, the main focus of the workshop was to communicate and strengthen the planning of ideas that this group of young people could realize on the local and national level.

“Cooperation with young political party representatives has helped us to see the youth world from a different perspective – beyond the civil sector framework, which is necessary to include different youth groups. Planning and realizing even the smallest ideas require a high level of trust among colleagues, and through this process, we work hard on it, “said Jelena Jovanovic, program coordinator in Prima.

The workshops were run by Ajsa Hadzibegovic and Kristina Cetkovic, while the special guest was Darko Ivanovic from NVO “35 mm”, who talked about creating a media campaign.

“We had the opportunity to hear examples of successful initiatives at the workshop: Youth Club Budva,” Let’s do it “- ADP Zid, Youth Council of the City of Tuzla and our colleagues Youth Bank Hub Obrenovac. Representatives of the initiatives gave us insight in their experience – what is important for the idea to get started, but also what happens if everything does not go all the way through the original plan. Their stories have shown us how important it is to strategically plan the steps, but also be prepared for improvisation and a quick reaction when the situation requires it, “adds Jelena.

This activity is just one in a row that contributes to the goal of the Democratic Initiative in the Western Balkans – to support young people to cooperate and be actively involved in decision-making processes.