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“Youth Movement” project

During July 2019, the winning project of the group of students of “28 November” high school that participated in “Youth Camp” in Shkodra developed the “Book Map” website. This website aims in the creation of a virtual map of books available in public and private libraries of the city of Shkodra, in order to facilitate…

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Youth Movement – A new page for local communities in Albania

Partners Albania is implementing “Youth Movement – A new page for local communities” project, which aims to create a movement of youth across Albania through educating youngsters with the sense of voluntarism, activism, and responsibility, as well as strengthen the relationship between youth and local communities for a stronger democracy. Through this action, four projects…

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Advocacy campaigns for demanding a Local Youth Directory

Organization “Epoka e Re” in the framework of YBH4WBT project has conducted “Advocacy campaigns for demanding a Local Youth Directory and a specific line in the local budget for youth activities” In the framework of the Youth Power project, young people of the Epoka e Re Center held a meeting with the Deputy Mayor Fier…

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Volunteering activities: Visiting Elders and Children’s Hospital

Youth Act organization in the framework of YBH4WBT project has organized 2 Volunteering Activities with youth in Tirana. The aim of the activities is to raise awareness and foster activism and volunteering among young people in Tirana. On May 5th, 2019, 20 students participated in the event “Visiting Elders’ House”. During this activity, the elders…

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Elections for Youth Parliament

Social Center to Help People in Need in the framework of YBH4WBT project has finalized the Youth Parliament election process. The elections were held in the High schools of Puka and Fushe-Arrez city. The youth parliamentary elections were organized by representatives of the QSNNN in cooperation with the staff of the respective high schools of…

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Strategic planning as a tool for sustainable results

In September, Albanian YBH4WBT network members were engaged in a challenging program training such as Organization Strategic Planning.  What is the organization doing and is it taking the right steps and pattern for achieving its mission? were the two key questions to answer and work on.  Strategic planning process helps organizations in addressing these questions,…

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Partners Albania
Local Democracy Camp Vlore

In the framework of the “Local Democracy Week 2018”, Partners Albania for Change and Development organized on May 8-10, 2018 the “Local Democracy Camp”, in Vlora, which was attended by 23 young activists of southwestern cities of Albania, representtaives of high schools, universities, youth NPOs, public institutions, private sector, media etc.   The program designed…

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New members of Youth Bank Hub for Western Balkan and Turkey network

The Youth Bank Hub for Western Balkan and Turkey network publishes the results of the grant award procedure for advocacy initiative in the field of Youth policy on the local level, as part of a supportive program for strengthening capacity of CSOs advocating for youth participation. The “Youth Bank Hub for Western Balkan and Turkey…

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