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Montenegro: NEET in COVID19/ POSTCOVID19 situation

Neet rate in Montenegro was 21 %, according to our research from 2018. At this point, has anything changed? We survived to lock downtime of Corona pandemic, and now we are not running home at 11 pm, we are not afraid of virus chasing us, but also getting back to our daily schedules and normal…

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Youth Mobility in Montenegro

Podgorica Youth Center. The definition of youth mobility is the ability of young people to move between different places in and outside their home countries. The purpose of mobility is to achieve the goals of personal development, autonomy, for the purpose of volunteering and working with young people, educational systems and programs, employment and career,…

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Social Impact Economy

Governance models and paths for development in Europe and the Western Balkans Although some of the ideas and practices that are fundamental to impact  investment   and   social  entrepreneurship   originated decades ago, it was in 2007 that a group of foundations and investors convened by the Rockefeller Foundation originated the term “impact investing” which was later…

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Youth Policy designed to fit young people’s needs

Youth policy cannot respond to all the challenges whit which are facing young people in Montenegro, but it can set priorities and support systems for young people in the transition process to adulthood. Youth is a significant period of human life, if not the most important, from the perspective for a professional career. During this…

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PRIMA’s participation in a set of workshops for young representatives of the civil sector and political parties

The Westminster Foundation in Montenegro organized another workshop for young representatives of the civil sector and political parties through the program “Democratic Initiatives in the Western Balkans” in Bar on May 26 – 28. 2019. This time, the main focus of the workshop was to communicate and strengthen the planning of ideas that this group…

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Prima participated in the panel discussion: “Empowering and Social Inclusion of Youth”

The executive director of Prima Aida Perovic participated in a panel discussion organized by the Fund for Active Citizenship with the support of the American Embassy, “Empowering and Social Inclusion of Youth”. The panel discussion was held on April 24, 2019, in the American Corner in Cetinje, and is part of the program “For a…

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Conference: Creating a framework for sustainability of youth programs on local and national level

A conference “Creating a Framework for the Sustainability of Youth Programs at Local and National Level” was held in Petrovac from December 23 to 25, 2018 in Petrovac. The conference was organized in cooperation with the Directorate of Youth of the Ministry of Sports and it was initiated through a regional project, The Youth Bank…

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New members of Youth Bank Hub for Western Balkan and Turkey network

The Youth Bank Hub for Western Balkan and Turkey network publishes the results of the grant award procedure for advocacy initiative in the field of Youth policy on the local level, as part of a supportive program for strengthening capacity of CSOs advocating for youth participation. The “Youth Bank Hub for Western Balkan and Turkey…

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