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Serbia: WB&T for EmploYouth

“WB&T for EmploYouth” Project is carried out by five youth organizations from these countries, specifically. Despite the COVID 19 pandemic, we continue with the positive energy and good spirit at the start of the second edition of our great partnership with the partners. We set the pillars of this project, discussing activities for the first…

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Young people from Serbia in action! Discover what Youth Fund has achieved in 2019.

Obrenovac Youth Foundation developed Youth Funds program in 2019 in cooperation with Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, Obrenovac municipality and Foundation Mozaik with the support of Balkan Trust. This program has a purpose to increase young people’s involvement in the process of local development through grant-giving for projects and ideas that young people establish and…

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Who makes decions in the Balkans – young people or their parents?

According to recent survey of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, parents of the young people in Southeastern Europe affecting more than 50 percent of their life decisions. The same survey says that young adults in Western Europe are much more independent from their parents, so they make life decisions on their own. When it comes to…

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Young Farmers in Serbia

Agriculture is one of the most important industries in Serbia, with 40.6% of the population living in rural areas. Of the approximately 631,000 registered households, only 8% of these households are run by young people. There is not enough support for young people in rural areas for employing and developing entrepreneurial skills, and the situation…

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The youngest president of the municipality in Serbia elected

The parliamentary majority elected the graduated economist Djordje Nikitovic (25) as the president of the municipality, while Ivan Novakovic, master prof. techniques and informatics. The Parliament of Požega has 52 councillors, and the election of these candidates was necessary to vote at least 27. For the newly elected leadership, 31 votes were cast.

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Divac Youth Funds in Obrenovac and Prijepolje

During the June, Foundation Mozaik, Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, Obrenovac Youth Foundation and Nova Vizija from Prijepolje have started with program Divac Youth Funds in municipalities Obrenovac and Prijepolje, based on the Youth Banke methodology. In both municipality, trough public call, Divac youth board has been established in order to promote the Funds among…

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How much of the funds of local governments invest in the implementation of youth policy?

In order to see a wider picture of whether young people can understand local budgets, how much are local funds allocated for activities and support programs for young people as a part of youth policy implementation, and how municipalities spend funds for young people, Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation has carried out an analysis of…

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Youth conference in Bucharest – How to better respond to European aspirations of the young generation in the Western Balkans?

Bucharest, 28 – 29 May 2019 Prepared by The Presidency of the Council of the European Union Representatives of Youth Bank Hub for Western Balkans and Turkey Network participated at one of the biggest youth conferences in Europe “How to better respond to European aspirations of the young generation in the Western Balkans?”. Under the…

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New members of Youth Bank Hub for Western Balkan and Turkey network

The Youth Bank Hub for Western Balkan and Turkey network publishes the results of the grant award procedure for advocacy initiative in the field of Youth policy on the local level, as part of a supportive program for strengthening capacity of CSOs advocating for youth participation. The “Youth Bank Hub for Western Balkan and Turkey…

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