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‘3.2 Million People May Become Unemployed Due to the Covid-19 Outbreak in Turkey’

According to a report from the Istanbul Institute of Political Studies (Istanpol), the number of people unemployed in the worst-case scenario in Turkey could reach 3 million 200 thousand. Out of these 3.2 million people, 2 million are paid employees and 1 million 200 thousand are casual employees. Prof. Dr. Öner Günçavdı from İstanbul Technical…

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Youth Bank Hub Western Balkan and Turkey – Round Tables Meeting in Turkey

Within the scope of the activities of Youth Bank Hub Western Balkan and Turkey project, tree round table meetings with the theme of youth participation were held on 5-6 December with the participation of young volunteers. 90 young volunteers participated in the meeting.  The young volunteers spoke about youth policies, youth participation in Turkey.  Also,…

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Fairy Tale Festival – The Project of “Hayallerin Gücü Adına!”

The fairy tale festival was held in Izmir within the scope of the project of Hayallerin Gücü Adına. The projects aim to improve the self-confidence of children of primary school age, their ability to express themselves verbally and in writing, their imagination, reading and creativity skills. The projects targets to make a difference in the…

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Turkey Marathon
Vodafone 41st Istanbul Marathon

Istanbul Marathon, the race is wide participation of athletics in Turkey. Also, it is the only marathon run between two continents in the World. 41st Istanbul Marathon was held on 3rd November 2019 in Istanbul.  Every year, Community Volunteers carry out more than 2000 sustainable social responsibility projects in many different themes from children’s rights…

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First capacity building training is realised!

TOG have realized the “PRAG Procedures and Reporting Rules”  capacity building training for the sub-grantees with the participation of project teams. After presentations on the PRAG procedures, subgrantees are invited to be part of “the simulation session” in order to provide them a realistic presentation on what they will face during the project implementation. The…

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New members of Youth Bank Hub for Western Balkan and Turkey network

The Youth Bank Hub for Western Balkan and Turkey network publishes the results of the grant award procedure for advocacy initiative in the field of Youth policy on the local level, as part of a supportive program for strengthening capacity of CSOs advocating for youth participation. The “Youth Bank Hub for Western Balkan and Turkey…

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