Turkey: Bayer Young Science Ambassadors

Turkey: Bayer Young Science Ambassadors

Istanbul, September, 2016. – Young Science Ambassadors is a social responsibility project has been coordinated by partnership of Community Volunteers Foundation and Bayer Türk since 2011. This project aims to foster scientific literacy among young people and children. Through this project, firstly among young people and then with the facilitation of young people among children it is aimed to make people love science, to show that science can be a part of our daily lives, science can be learned without laboratories and to raise awareness about the fact that science is based on questioning and curiosity.

Bayer Young Science Ambassadors has a second branch since 2014 in which young

people have been doing basic scientific experiments with children in countryside from all over Turkey. Through this project in 67 different cities of Turkey, 18.834 children have been reached for science literacy and got awareness about the importance of questioning and curiosity.

Children are more interested in Science

One of the most important tools that TOG (Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı , engl: Community Volunteers Foundation) using is monitoring and evaluation that is conducted for every national social responsibility projects implemented. According the results of monitoring and evaluation reports of Bayer Young Science Ambassadors; children have become more interested in science and they have started to image themselves as scientists and started to think that everybody can be successful in science, everybody can love science! This results are important for children to be more self confident and curious, it helps them to think in an analytical way which is important throughout their lives!

And Awards!

There are good news about the project lately that Bayer Young Science Ambassadors has won 2 international prizes! These prestigious awards are CSR Excellence Awards and International Business Awards. It has won bronze award of CSR Excellence Awards and silver awards from The 2016 International Business Awards best corporate social responsibility projects.