Vodafone 41st Istanbul Marathon

Turkey Marathon

Istanbul Marathon, the race is wide participation of athletics in Turkey. Also, it is the only marathon run between two continents in the World. 41st Istanbul Marathon was held on 3rd November 2019 in Istanbul. 

Every year, Community Volunteers carry out more than 2000 sustainable social responsibility projects in many different themes from children’s rights to culture and art, from disability awareness to health, from animal rights to digital transformation projects.

The Istanbul Marathon brings together young people from different NGOs and giving them the opportunity to explain their local projects to each other.  As the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG), we ran this year to support the social responsibility projects that young people will implement during the year.

This year, 704 Community Volunteers were on the streets in cities where they lived simultaneously with the Istanbul Marathon. All young people ran to find support and donations to their local projects. The marathon was widely featured in national and international media in November.