YBHforWBT in Arandjelovac, Central Serbia

Joint visit to Arandjelovac, town in central Serbia, was organized during the last day of study visit of YBHforWBT members, Wednesday June 27th. The aim of the visit was to learn more about Youth Bank model in Serbia. This model, applied in Divac Youth Founds, developed in 11 municipalities in Serbia, was presented by Željko Mitkovski, representative of Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation.

YBHforWBT representatives have visited gymnasium “Miloš Savković” and learn more about the actual project “Lab fit for high school students”. They have, also, met representatives of civil society organization “Children in the Heart” and karatists from local sport center.

Main information they wanted to know more were related to the opportunities for involving young people in local initiatives as well as motivating local businesses to participate in it.