Young people in Montenegro are still active during Covid19 pandemic

Group of young Montenegrins started online Campaign “Nisi moj_stereoTIP” with a goal to fight stereotypes. We spoke to them and asked them to tell us more about it.

“We are aware and we are witnesses of the fact that prejudices slow down people’s lives. They diminish empathy and create a wall among people. Why? For an instant sense of comfort or to raise your own ego? How many times have you felt pleasure in your skin for freeing yourself from prejudice? Satisfaction with the opportunity, looking at the situation from another angle. Imagine a world where people would feel the same way you do for a moment. We are sure that if it worked, fighting stereotypes would become our daily routine. Young people are healthy and strong, we just need a chance to be heard”, Ivana Cukic, initiator of the campaign explained.

The Nisi_moj_stereoTIP campaign aims to reduce prejudices against vulnerable groups, for the sake of a healthier environment for all members of society. The campaign has goals to reduce prejudice:

– Based on nationality and religion

– Towards people with disabilities

– Based on sexual orientation

– Based on gender and sex

– Towards people struggling with anxiety and depression

– Based on social status

– Towards people who are being treated for, or have some form of addiction

– Towards young people from vulnerable families

The campaign currently has 50 members from different parts of Montenegro. The initiator of the project is Ivana Cukic, and Ambassadors of the project are Masa Milasinovic and Danilo Guberinić.