Youth from YBHforWBT network in Obrenovac


As a part of their study visit to Serbia, representatives of YBHforWBT have visited Obrenovac, local municipality near Belgrade, which is a good example of cooperation between local community and youth initiatives. YBHWBT representatives have met Miloš Stanojević, member of the City Council, in charge for youth and representatives of the Youth Council of the municipality and the Local Office for Cooperation with Youth, representatives of Sport Cultural Centre, officials from the high schools and local students parliaments.

Bojana Jevtović from Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation says that guests were mostly interested in types of youth programs local community supports, in what way do they consult or include young people in decision making, how do they provide financial support for local youth initiatives.

CSO market – as a place for mutual introducing of YBHforWBT network members – was organized after the meeting with the local community representatives and youth organizations had an opportunity to introduce themselves and meet other ones.