Youth Mobility in Montenegro


Podgorica Youth Center. The definition of youth mobility is the ability of young people to move between different places in and outside their home countries. The purpose of mobility is to achieve the goals of personal development, autonomy, for the purpose of volunteering and working with young people, educational systems and programs, employment and career, housing and leisure opportunities.

Youth mobility takes place for the purpose of learning, acquiring new skills and personal development; it deals with the position of young people in the informal and formal learning environment as a process of youth exchange, youth work and volunteering. It is a great opportunity to participate in non-formal education, training, education of young workers and gaining experience in the international environment, as a system of school mobility programs, in postgraduate and graduates studies, as trainees or in the context of non-formal education within or outside the European Union.

This topic was discussed on the panel. Lead speakers were: Nenad Koprivica, Aida Perovic, Aleksandra Gligorijevic, Vuk Vujisic and Jelena Jovanovic in relation to their fields of activity.