Youth Participation Index

YPI – Youth Participation Index – we measure the level of youth participation

YPI is the unique method for measuring the level of young people participation in decision-making processes. This is particular monitoring tool using exclusively within the project Youth Bank Hub Western Balkan and Turkey. Through YPI method, we monitor and follow three dimensions of youth participation in this region – political, economic and social participation.

Political Participation of Youth 2017

Political Participation Visual new

The graph shows the Youth Participation Index 2017 regarding the political participation in each country. Political participation Index measure the involvement of young people in the government bodies, opportunity to gain information and appeal to government bodies, existence of youth institutions in local and national level.

Economic Participation of Youth 2017

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The graph shows the Youth Participation Index 2017 in economic field and it covers economic independence of young people, youth unemployment rate, labor force rate, NEET rate, self-employed young people, etc.

Social Participation of Youth 2017

Social Participation covers the facts regarding social environment, opportunity for development in specific society, education level, poverty risk, position of vulnerable groups among young. The most important insight of the research is that most countries do not have relevant databases for social issues regarding youth. The graphic shows currently reliable data.

Youth Participation Country Index List

youth 4 zemljegrafik samo

The graph shows the list of Youth Participation Index in four countries for 2017 and 2016 and it is calculated on the base of available data. Targeted value given in Council of Europe Agenda 2020 is 85.63.


Based on Youth Participation Index Research 2017, Youth Bank Hub Western Balkan and Turkey Network is proposing following recommendations in order to improve legal framework for youth participation in countries covered by the project:

1. The institutions to start collecting youth sensible date for the legally prescribed category of youth in the field of economic, social and political participation (Click for more info). 2. Make pressure to the Governments to open Chapter 18 (Statistics) and to initiate and implement legislative and institutional reforms in accordance with the Progress Report (Click for more info). 3. Ensure online tools for information and participation of youth in decision making of government, parliament and municipalities (Click for more info).

4. Establish of youth institutional structure (council, parliament, unions) which ensures the participation of young people in the decision-making process at national and local level

5. Youth Bank Hub has been recognized as one of the most effective solution for rising participation of young people at the local level (Click for more info).

Youth Participation Index 2017: Download the full report